Frequently Asked Questions


  • How are the lessons structured?

Everything is built around the National PE Curriculum, Key Stages 1 & 2. We plan each lesson in advance, with the flexibility to vary when time and available space dictate. Our coaching costs include evaluation and assessment, so you can keep a close eye on each childs personal development throughout the year.

  • Are your coaches qualified to work in a primary school?

Yes - more than qualified . As well as their credntails in Sports Coaching, every coach is thoroughly trained in First Aid, Health and Safety and Child Behaviour Manangement. As an added assurance, coaches are also subject to ongoing CRB checks throughout their employment with Sportstars.

  • What sports do you provide?

Everything from the traditional fare to games weve invented ourselves! Among others, kids will enjoy Basketball, Hockey, Kwik Cricket, Softball, Rugby, Football, Athletics. We also teach dancing in all its forms - and theres even Ultimate Frisbee.

  • Who supplies the equipment?

We do. All we need is a space - we take care of everything else.

  • Were only a small school - how much space do you need?

Well adapt our sessions to manage in the space provided. On sunny days an open space is always preferable, or a hall when rain stops play. But when theres no space at all, we can head back to the classroom for some challenging theory-based work.

  • Can you release more than one teacher at a time?

Absolutely. We know the importance of collaboration when it comes to lesson planning, so our flexible package gives you the option of extra coaches to manage multiple classes.

  • How does the cost compare with employinga floating teacher?

Full-time PPA Cover from SportStars will save you around 20% of a floating teachers average cost. In other words, youll have a school full of happy, healthy children - with a saving on your annual budget!

  • What happens next?

Give the Sportstars Team a call on 0845 241 3682 to arrange a Free in-school venue and Let the Kids Decide!!