Core Values

At Sportstars we have one main goal:

‘To spread the benefits and pleasures of Sport, and an active healthy lifestyle to as many children as possible.

To achieve this goal the company is based around five core values which are at the centre of EVERYTHING we do:

  1. PASSION - Sportstars are passionate about providing children of all backgrounds and abilities access to the benefits and pleasures of sport.

  2. BELIEF - Sportstars believe that children develop confidence, self-esteem, discipline, teamwork, leadership, health, fitness and much more through the Sportstars experience.

  3. CHILD SAFETY - Sportstars number one priority is the safety and the well-being of EVERY child.

  4. COMMITMENT - Sportstars are committed to delivering the highest level of service through continual training and development of the Sportstars team.

  5. FUN - Fun and enjoyment is the key ingredient to the Sportstars experience.